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Awarded People’s Choice for Idaho’s Top Project

The Galaxy features:
  • The perfect space for conferences, meetings, fundraising events, galas, holiday parties, trade shows and more
  • 12,500 square feet of event space with seating for 20-400 guests for dining
  • Stunning decor with an expansive uplit star spanning the ceiling and glowing stars on the walls
  • An executive chef to prepare a delicious catered breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a new gourmet kitchen
  • Nine seperate meeting rooms with state-of-the art audio visual and hybrid meeting capabilities
  • Central location at I-84 and the Meridian exit, easily accessible from anywhere in the Treasure Valley with free and convenient parking
Galaxy Event Center

Galaxy Event Center Guidelines

Thank you for choosing The Galaxy Event Center at Wahooz for your upcoming event.

Our aim is to make it an event to remember for the beautiful venue, the delicious food, and the fantastic service. We also promise to make the event planning process easy and efficient for you so that on the big day you can sit back and relax, along with the rest of your guests.

This Guide to the Galaxy will provide you with all the details you’ll need to execute an outstanding event, with guidance from your event coordinator every step of the way.

If your event includes outside vendors, such as trade show organizers, promoters, decorators, and exhibitors, they will be expected to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this guide. As the promoter of your event, you will be required to distribute these policies to your event partners and ensure they are followed.

Please see our Catering Guide for all catering related information.


The Galaxy Event Center is committed to making our guest experience enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. All public areas and restrooms are ADA and wheelchair accessible. Please advise your event coordinator of any special considerations.

The Galaxy has wheelchair accessible entrances from Wahooz Family Fun Zone, including a push-button door opener at the front entrance of Wahooz.

The Galaxy owns a limited number of wheelchairs that are available upon request at no charge. Please request in advance.

A family restroom is available in Pinz Bowling Center.


Guests with special needs are welcome to bring trained service animals that are covered under the ADA guidelines into the Galaxy Event Center.

With the exception of ADA Service Animals, no animals or pets are permitted in the Galaxy. The request for approval for other animals to be on the premises must be approved in advance. The ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition animals are considered service animals under the ADA, regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by state or local government. Any animals allowed into the Galaxy must be supervised at all times.


The Galaxy has a built-in, state-of-the-art audio-visual system, including projectors and screens that drop down from the ceiling. Our built-in sound system allows sound to be projected throughout the Galaxy, or in individual rooms. Handheld and lapel microphones are available (see Microphone section below).

Testing your audio-visual needs in advance of your event is required. Please make an appointment with your event coordinator.

The Galaxy provides a laptop for use in each meeting room. Our standard procedure is for presenters to use Galaxy laptops and bring a flash drive with their presentation, or access it online. We cannot provide technical support for your devices and they may be incompatible with our system. The Galaxy A/V system does not support MacBooks and they cannot be plugged into our system. Problems will arise with your presentation and the entire system may shut down. We have HDMI, VGA connections for video and 3.5mm line input for auxiliary audio, as well as wireless video presentation capabilities.

If your devices cause disruption to the Galaxy audio-visual system you may be liable for costs incurred to repair the system and for downtime. Please request assistance for all audio-visual set-up.

Embedded video must be saved within your presentation and to your flash drive to ensure your video will play properly, not as links to online video.

The Galaxy offers complimentary WIFI service. If you need a wired connection please request in advance and request assistance to plug in. Please see Internet/WIFI/Networking section below.

The Galaxy has an on-site A/V team that is on-call to fix technical issues related the the Galaxy system. They do not provide assistance with audio visual presentation or production.

If your presentation requires sound mixing or other high production value elements, we recommend hiring a professional production company. If you choose to use an external service provider for more advanced audio-visual needs we will provide close coordination with our in-house audio-visual team. All external service providers must provide a certificate of insurance listing Blackmor, LLC as additionally insured in the amount of $1,000,000. A 10% service fee will be added to all audio-visual services billed by external providers if we coordinate the services.

All electrical or audio-visual cables must be secured with gaffers’ tape for safety purposes. Matting or cable trays may be required.


Wahooz Family Fun Zone has two ATMs available: one located in Pinz Bowling Center and the other by the entrance to Stargazer Grill. There is a $3 fee per transaction.


Signs, banners and posters can be hung in the Galaxy only with the approved adhesives listed below. The Galaxy does not provide these adhesives. Groups must purchase them in advance. Decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or pinned to any surface in the Galaxy. Cost to repair damage resulting from the improper or unauthorized installation will be charged to the group. Arrangements can be made in advance to utilize Galaxy staff and equipment to hang banners, labor rates apply. Links to purchase approved adhesives:

UHU Tac Removable Adhesive Putty
Scotch Removable Adhesive Putty
Scotch Foam Indoor Mounting Tape
X-Press It Double Sided Tape (not the high tac version)


While you will work closely with your Event Coordinator leading up to your event, a banquet coordinator will be assigned for the day of your event to ensure everything is set up properly and to take care everything you need during your event.

The banquet coordinator’s cell phone number is 208-703-3610. Please enter this number in your cell phone, and give it to your fellow event planners, so you have constant access to help during your event.


Notice of cancellation must be given by group leader 30 BUSINESS DAYS days prior to event date on all catered events. If client fails to cancel event 30 days prior, some or all of non-refundable deposit may be kept by the Wahooz, Pinz, the Galaxy Event Center, or Roaring Springs.


Any changes to the initial room set up during the day of the event, whether arranged in advance or day of, will be subject to a reset fee of 25% of the standard room rental rate.


Your group will be assigned one of three check-in areas with digital signage directing your guests where to check-in when they arrive:

  • Pinz Bowling Desk: located to the right after you come through Wahooz main entrance
  • Wahooz Party Check-in: located in the far-right corner of Wahooz arcade (look for neon arrow sign)
  • Galaxy Reception Corridor: follow the signs to the Galaxy, through the Indoor Adventure Park, through Wahooz Arcade, through the Stargazer Grill to the Galaxy entrance

Wahooz staff will check in groups with Wahooz and/or Pinz play packages to help with wrist banding and height checks.

Groups who are using the Galaxy only without play packages will be expected to check-in their own guests. Please assign your own staff or volunteers to man the check-in table/s. We recommend at least one staff member/volunteer for each 50 guests checking in, depending on the complexity of your check-in process and if all guests are arriving at the same time. We will provide the appropriate number of check-in tables and chairs, as well as queuing stanchions if needed.


At the end of your event please go to the Pinz Bowling Desk to let them know you are ready to close out. The manager on duty and banquet coordinator will finalize the details of your bill. Payment is expected at this time unless arrangements have been made in advance to send an invoice. Credit cards or corporate checks are accepted. No personal checks.


Portable self-service coat racks will be located in a corridor near your event space during inclement weather or upon request. Staffed or volunteer group coat check services can be arranged at an additional cost. The Galaxy Event Center is not responsible for items left in the coat check areas or on coat racks.


Please carefully read and sign your event contract immediately upon receipt to ensure you understand what the Galaxy and your group are committing to. Sample contracts are available upon request.


All damage to the Galaxy Event Center is the responsibility of the user for the cost to clean, repair and/or replace any damages that occur throughout the course of the event. Any damage to the Galaxy Event Center, including but not limited to furniture, carpeting, linen, dishware, and glassware will be charged at the replacement cost. This also includes banquet equipment and decorations.

The floor must be protected from stains with plastic, carpet, or other materials if group is bringing in displays or activities that could soil or damage the flooring.


Digital screens displaying event information are located throughout the facility and are complimentary with your space rental. A large digital display at Wahooz entrance will welcome your guests and direct them to their check-in area. Two large screens in the Galaxy Reception Corridor display group names and basic agenda information. Smaller screens at each meeting room entrance display specifics for that room.

Please provide your event coordinator with the content you would like on each of the screens at least 14 days before your event.

Space is available for rent on Wahooz digital freeway sign, in rotation with other advertising. Please ask your event coordinator for rates.


Groups may choose several options, including a hosted bar, a no host bar (see below for explanation), cocktail servers or utilizing Pinz bar, with or without a tab. Any bar tabs that are to be reconciled at the end of an event or closed out at the end of the night with credit card, company check, or cash, will automatically be charged an 18% gratuity, as well as 6% Idaho state sales tax.


No drones are permitted to fly over Wahooz or Roaring Springs property or inside any building at any time. Special arrangements can be made in advance to fly a drone by a certified pilot. The drone pilot must be accompanied by a Wahooz or Roaring Springs manager at all times. Wahooz and Roaring Springs own a library of drone video and still photography that you may request access to.


The dividing walls in the Galaxy are made of a white board material that can be written on. Groups may only use dry erase markers provided by the Galaxy. Other types of markers will stain the walls and groups may be liable for damage. Please request dry erase markers from your Event Coordinator when you make your reservation.


Clear signage, and in some cases a greeter (on our busier group days), will direct your guests to their check-in location and assigned room. Galaxy guests will first enter through Wahooz main front doors, and then follow Galaxy signage through the Indoor Adventure Park, through Wahooz Arcade and through the Stargazer Grill.

Guests also may enter the Galaxy through the doorway to the right of the bar in Z Bar & Grill.

For groups who don’t want to walk through Wahooz, we can arrange in advance for you to enter through an outdoor gate near the Slick Track on the west side of Wahooz and walk past Wahooz outdoor attractions to an exterior entrance to the Galaxy. Reserved parking in the west lot can also be arranged in advance for groups using this route.


Wahooz Family Fun Zone and the Galaxy Event Center have written Emergency Action Plans and proactively train our staff on these procedures to ensure the safety of our guests. Wahooz and the Galaxy coordinate fully with local emergency agencies. In the event of an emergency please notify Wahooz or Galaxy Event Center staff immediately.


You may wish to engage the services of a professional event designer to enhance the visual appeal of your event with items such as table decorations, fresh flowers, chair covers, special lighting, a dance floor or custom stage. We are happy to work with event designers/coordinators. Ask your Event Coordinator for a list of preferred providers.


First aid kits are located throughout Wahooz and Pinz, ask an employee if you need assistance. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is on-premises. Wahooz managers on duty are first aid and CPR certified. During Roaring Springs Waterpark operating hours, a certified EMT is staffed.


All aisles and exits must be kept free of obstruction. Fire lanes around the facility must remain unobstructed. See Prohibited Decorative Items below.


No item that could be used as a weapon, concealed or otherwise, is allowed on the premises regardless of licenses.


Food handling and cooking events are regulated by the Central District Health Department and the Meridian Fire Department. You must contact these agencies prior to your event, and strictly follow all guidelines. Floor mats are required in booths that prepare food. Certificate of insurance will be required. The use of propane within the Galaxy Event Center is not allowed other than to be used for cooking. The propane cylinder cannot be larger than 16 ounces and must meet the approval of the Meridian Fire Department.


Each party shall indemnify and hold the other, and its employees, officers and agents harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses or liabilities for injury or death to any person; or loss or damage to property caused in whole or part by the negligence or wrongful conduct of the indemnitor, its employees, agents and invitees in connection with the user’s sponsored event.


The Galaxy Event Center provides general liability insurance to cover uses approved by its insurance carrier. Any uses not included in the Galaxy’s insurance policy, and all outside vendors, will be required to provide a certificate of insurance listing Blackmor, LLC as additionally insured in the amount of $1,000,000. A copy of this certificate must be provided to the Galaxy at least seven days prior to your event.


Two options are available for internet access throughout the Galaxy Event Center. Please tell your event coordinator your plans for audio/visual presentations in advance to select the best option. See Audio Visual Services section for more detail.

  • Option 1: Complimentary high speed shared wireless internet. This should be sufficient for Power Point presentations with short videos embedded in your presentation, although performance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Option 2: Wired internet connection. This is recommended when a dependable connection is required and for high quality streaming of longer videos or telecasts. Please note that your laptop or other device will be set up on a counter near the connection and Power Points can be controlled with a pointer we provide. If you need your laptop at the podium please tell your event coordinator in advance. No Apple products allowed.


The user is responsible for obtaining all licenses, permits, and approvals from the appropriate regulatory boards and authorities that may be required for the events. The cost of these licenses/permits are the responsibility of the user. The Galaxy Event Center operates under its own liquor license.


The Galaxy has dimmable lights that can be individually controlled in each room. You may choose the color of the up lighting of the star on the ceiling in the Galaxy with advance notice. Hooks and power outlets are provided in the ceiling to hang lights. Please communicate with your Event Coordinator if you plan to bring in a third-party lighting or sound production company.


The Galaxy offers a variety of alcoholic beverage services, including hosted and no host remote bars, cocktail servers, and a full bar in Pinz Bowling Center.

The Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau does not allow outside hard liquor or beer to be brought onto the Galaxy premises under any circumstance, including as gifts, auction items or for sale or giveaway by the drink. If outside hard liquor is opened and consumed on the premises the entire group may be asked to leave without refund.

Consumers may bring their own wine or champagne not already carried or supplied by the Galaxy. The Galaxy charges a corkage fee, gratuity, and Idaho sales tax per bottle. This is limited to exceptions and must be arranged in advance with your Event Coordinator.

Non-profit organizations that want to sell and/or serve beer or wine for fundraising purposes must apply for a non-profit permit from Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control a minimum of two weeks prior to your scheduled event to allow time for processing. This must be arranged in advance with your Event Coordinator.


To access the Galaxy’s loading zone, drive down Blue Marlin Lane, then take a right on the service road directly in front of Wahooz/Pinz. The road turns to the left and goes between Wahooz/Pinz and Roaring Springs Waterpark. The Galaxy is the orange and blue building on the left. Look for double doors marked SERVICE ENTRANCE. There is a call box for access.

These doors have a 7’ 8” w x 8’ h clearance. Interior doors leading into Galaxy rooms have either a 5’ 7” w x 8’ clearance or a 31” X 8’ clearance.

Please ask your Event Coordinator about the route to your assigned room/s. Under no circumstances can access to the blue First Aid building on the Roaring Springs side be blocked. Please unload your vehicle immediately and park it in the Wahooz parking lot.


The Galaxy partners with a number of quality hotels within a one to three-mile distance. Many offer shuttles and special rates for Galaxy groups. Please visit Accommodations Page for a complete list.


All lost and found items are cataloged and stored in the main Wahooz office for 7 days. After that period, all items are disposed of at the sole discretion of Wahooz. This includes booth/display items left by exhibitors. Any additional inquiries regarding lost and found items should be directed to the main office at 208-898-0900 ext 0. Report a lost item.


If your event is expected to attract media attention, please advise your Event Coordinator so they can explain the options available for live remotes, live feeds, additional lighting, etc. that may be requested.


The Galaxy has eight hand-held microphones, plus four lapel mics. We have podium and tabletop stands for the hand-held mics, plus one floor stand. The Galaxy has eight channels for our microphones which can be used simultaneously. See Additional Rentals and Services sheet for prices.


Complimentary parking is available in front of Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Pinz Bowling Center. Any extended vehicles, such as RVs, or those pulling trailers must park at the south end of the parking lot. There is no parking allowed on the service road between Wahooz and Roaring Springs Waterpark.


A 25% deposit on the entire anticipated revenue from your event is due upon booking to finalize your reservation. The final balance is due on or before the day of your event. At the close of your event please go to the Pinz Bowling Desk to pay with a credit card, cash, or business check. No personal checks are accepted. Arrangements can be made in advance with your event coordinator to invoice your group after your event.


Sales or giveaways of event related products are permitted within your contracted event space, excluding all common areas. No outside food and beverage sales or giveaways are permitted. Exceptions must be approved in advance by your Event Coordinator.


No item that could be used as a weapon, concealed or otherwise, is allowed on the premises regardless of licenses. We have strict rules for firearms or other weapons being displayed as an auction item. Please ask your Event Coordinator or refer to our Event Contract.

The Galaxy does not allow confetti, glitter, straw or hay bales, aerosol spray string, unshelled peanuts, or other items that cause an excessive mess. Clean up fees may apply.

An open flame of any type, typically candles, as well as all pyrotechnics are prohibited. All decorative materials must be flame retardant.


The Galaxy Reception Corridor serves as a shared space, as well as an entrance and exit for all Galaxy Event Center guests. Portions of the Reception Corridor may be used for registration, food functions and exhibits with prior approval. A rental charge may be incurred at the prevailing rate.


Your Event Coordinator will be happy to help arrange for additional rental items, such as dance floors, pipe and drape or linens. See Additional Rentals and Services sheet for prices. A 10% service fee will be added to all rental items. Rental arrangements need to be finalized 10 days prior to your event.


Room capacities vary widely depending upon the specific function requirements and equipment utilized. Please discuss the proposed details of your function with your Event Coordinator to ensure safe and appropriate allocation of space.

Please RSVP for the maximum number of guests so we can comfortably accommodate your group.

Please tell us about any extra items you will have in the room, like a display, a bar, a stage, or a gift table so we can assign you an appropriately sized room/s. A wide variety of room layouts with capacities are available on the Galaxy Layout page.


Security may be required by the Galaxy Event Center depending on the nature or number of attendees at your event. The Galaxy Event Center employees its own security staff. Groups may be responsible for the cost of security at $25 per employee per hour.


Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the Galaxy Event Center. A designated smoking/vaping area is located outside the Galaxy Reception Corridor across from the Bumper Boat pond.


Space must be rented in the Galaxy for storage of event-related items before or after the event. Arrangements for off-site storage may be required.
The Galaxy will accept freight deliveries up to 72 hours before the event. All shipments must be clearly marked with the following information on each package:

The Galaxy at Wahooz Attn:
Event name, booth number & name if applicable
400 W. Overland Rd
Meridian, ID 83642


To help us provide the best service and guest experience, the promoter or decorator will need to provide the Galaxy Event Center with a booth floor plan (which aligns with the Galaxy’s power outlets in the floor), list of the exhibitors, booth numbers and utility requirements at least 14 days prior to the event so we can be fully prepared for their needs.

The Galaxy Event Center is not able to take individual vendor equipment or utility requests. These requests must go through the event promoter or decorator.
The fee to rent an 8’ table with two chairs is $10. Booths requiring power will be charged an additional $10. Please also arrange with your Event Coordinator to rent pipe and drape if needed at least 14 days in advance.

Load-in and load-out for each vendor will be scheduled in advance by your Event Coordinator. Vendors must adhere to their assigned times to quickly unload or load their vehicles and then immediately move them to Wahooz parking lot. Under no circumstances are vehicles allowed to park on the service road between Wahooz and Roaring Springs, as this blocks access for emergency services.


The Galaxy Event Center maintains all public area trash receptacles. Booth trash is the responsibility of the promoter. Additional charges may apply for excessive trash or room clean-up. The Galaxy Event Center encourages recycling and marked containers are located throughout the facility. The Galaxy Event Center may require additional trash removal and/or additional receptacles, depending on the nature of the event, at the cost of the event promoter.


The Galaxy Event Center can set up a conference call phone or accommodate an online video meeting with wired internet on our large projection screens. Please arrange at least 14 days in advance with your Event Coordinator. See Additional Rentals and Services sheet for prices.


To conserve water, the Galaxy Event Center provides water stations for most events, rather than carafes of water and glasses on tables. Our high-end caterings will be set with water carafes and glasses on the tables. If you have specific requests regarding water service please discuss with your Event Coordinator.